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New Paragon Rescue Kit for Mac OS X – Lite


Free Tool Kit Designed to Prevent Data Loss During a Worst Case Scenario

Freiburg, Germany, April 22, 2008 – Paragon Software Group (PSG), the
technology leader in innovative data security and data management
solutions, today announced the release of Rescue Kit for Mac OS X – Lite.
The new software allows users to recover quickly and easily from system
problems by rescuing important data and restoring their system back to its
original state.

Paragon’s Rescue Kit for Mac OS X – Lite, helps to prevent data loss in the
event of a ‘worst case’ disaster such as a system crash or other mishap.
The innovative solution aids in the recovery of vital data to another
destination such as a removable drive, another hard drive or network
volume. The new tool kit comes with fully automated wizards that allow
users to easily backup and restore partitions.

“In the event of a serious system malfunction, the ideal recovery solution
would enable you to employ a recovery tool ‘after the fact’ to get your
system up and running in as little time as possible, with no loss or
corruption of your sensitive data,” said Tom Fedro, president of Paragon
Software Group – Americas.

Using Paragon’s Rescue Kit for the Mac OS X – Lite, users can now skip the
time consuming process of application setup and customization that is now
required to become operational. The Paragon Rescue Kit restores the Mac to
its original state and was created to enable users to be up and running
quickly. It is the only solution which can perform a sector-level backup,
enabling end users to backup and restore the entire system much faster than
typical utilities available today. The product incorporates Paragon’s
unique NTFS for Mac technology, which allows rapid reading and writing of
data to NTFS volumes and easily transfers data between Windows and Mac
partitions. The Rescue Kit also includes a File Transfer Wizard, which
gives end users complete access to any file system, even those not
supported by the OS or even if it is on an un-mounted partition (i.e. drive
letter is not assigned).

“No one can afford to lose all the information on their computer, and the
lost productivity can be devastating. Our Rescue Kit helps users get up and
running in no time. It does what it says – and comes to the rescue – with
an optimized solution,” Fedro added.

Other key features include:

* Bootable Recovery Media – Performs a full backup/restore and/or
file/folder rescue even if the operating system cannot be loaded

* Individual File/Folder Restore – Built-in image browser allows user to
quickly find and restore individual files and/or folders

* Network Support – Easily backup and restore from any accessible network

* All File Systems Supported – Access to the most commonly used file
systems (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, HPFS, EXT2FS, EXT3FS, Reiser, including
Apple HFS (+))

The introductory Rescue Kit for Mac OS X – Lite version is available for
free at ( The full version
will be available latter this year in the third quarter.

About Paragon Software Group

Paragon Software Group (PSG) is an innovative software developer focused on
two dynamic growth markets. The company’s comprehensive product line for
the data storage market addresses the needs of data security, storage and
management for PCs, servers and networks. A second portfolio of products
focuses on mobile productivity applications for handheld devices. Founded
in 1994, PSG has offices in the USA, Germany, Japan and Russia delivering
its solutions to consumers, small business and enterprise clients worldwide
through a network of Value Added Resellers, distributors and OEMs as well
as online through the company website. PSG provides technology to a host of
world class companies and partners including Dell, Toshiba, Nec, Siemens,
Phoenix, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and more. For more information please
visit the company website at (

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