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Paragon Software Group announces free software portal

Paragon Software Group (PSG), which specializes in data security and
data management solutions, today announced their free portal for
software tools aimed at personal computer maintenance and data
security. These free tools provide the ideal introduction for home
users to backup and protect their computer systems.

For all those who have ever needed to read a Linux-based file on a
Windows computer or vice versa. End users can also read Mac files
from a Linux-based computer (and vice versa); read Mac files from a
Windows-based computer (and vice versa); and Windows ’98 files from a
NTFS-based (XP) computer (and vice versa)

For Macintosh users, in addition to the File System Drivers
mentioned, there is also Rescue Kit for Mac OS X (an instant system
and data recovery kit) and CampTune (enabling the re-sizing of Mac
and Windows partitions through an intuitive and user-friendly

The Paragon free software portal is available at:


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