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2X VGA Extender Splits and Delivers HD Video

New Extension System from Gefen Splits One VGA Video Signal and Distributes
It Up To 1000 Feet Over CAT-5 Cable

CHATSWORTH, CA – When you need to generate the same video for two displays
located in a remote location, Gefen’s new 2X VGA Extender can deliver. This
sender/receiver system does double duty, offering a clean split and the
ability to extend two displays up to 1000 feet.

Ideal for consolidating the delivery of VGA video signals, the 2X VGA
Extender allows both displays to be extended over just one CAT-5e cable.

At distances up to 1000 feet, resolutions are supported up to 1080p or
1920×1200 for computer displays, making this an effective performer for
high quality digital signage and professional audio/video applications.

Designed for a simple installation, the 2X VGA Extender takes just seconds
to install. The sender unit connects to the VGA source; the receiver
connects to both extended displays. The system uses a 5v power supply at
the sender’s location; no power is needed remotely.

Gefen’s 2X VGA Extender (MSRP: $399) is available for pre-order at or through a Gefen reseller, located around the world and
listed online.

2X VGA Extender

Gefen Resellers

About Gefen:

Gefen delivers advanced technologies with multi-platform extension,
switching, distribution and conversion capabilities. Gefen equipment is
valued around the world in professional A/V, information technology and
consumer electronics/home theater environments. Their add-on hardware
maximizes functionality by enabling systems to operate beyond their
original capabilities. A selection of high quality cabling is also
available. Visit for detailed product information.

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