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ProjectWizards’ Merlin 2.5 Offers Leopard-Specific Features

ProjectWizards’ Merlin 2.5 Offers Leopard-Specific Features

Melle, Germany, October 30, 2007: Project management consultants
ProjectWizards are pleased to announce that the second beta release of
Merlin 2.5, released today, was designed specifically with the Mac OS 10.5
Leopard operating system in mind. And it will be made available for free to
all current Merlin 2.0 subscribers!

The release of Beta-2 of Merlin 2.5 was timed to coincide with the
highly-anticipated release of Leopard this past Friday, which introduced
improvements to virtually all facets of the user interface. Merlin 2.5
allows Leopard users to get the most out of the new operating system by
integrating seamlessly with some of the most exciting features Leopard has
to offer, especially Quick Look and Mail.

“Merlin 2.5 has been designed to boost Leopard’s performance for project
managers,” says ProjectWizards’ CEO Frank Blome.

Thanks to Merlin 2.5’s compatibility with Leopard, busy project managers
can use Quick Look to quickly find and explore the exact file they’re
looking for at the click of a button, without having to launch Merlin 2.5.
And for Merlin 2.5 users who are using Leopard’s predecessor, Tiger, they
will find that collaborating with other Tiger users is just as easy as
collaborating with other Leopard users.

Another feature project managers will find extremely useful is the ability
to attach e-mails to tasks within Merlin 2.5, giving them a more complete
frame of reference and providing that all-important ‘paper trail’ in the
decision-making process.

“Project management is all about decision-making,” says Blome, “and Merlin
2.5 works with Leopard to provide users with all the information right at
their fingertips so they can make informed decisions quickly, confidently
and reliably.”

Merlin 2.0 users can download the second beta version of Merlin 2.5 from
the Merlin Web site, In addition, ProjectWizards will be
offering the final release of Merlin 2.5 to all Merlin 2.0 users for free.
“We are grateful to our loyal customer base,” Blome says. “Without them we
could not have produced Merlin 2.5. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’
to Merlin 2.0 users for their support.”

About ProjectWizards: ProjectWizards combines its extensive project
consulting experience and Macintosh development expertise to create Merlin
2.5, professional project management software designed exclusively for the
Macintosh operating system. For more information, visit our website:

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