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ViaCAD to Support Google SketchUp Formats

Punch! Software to Support Google SketchUp Formats in ViaCAD
Affordable 2D/3D software opens up world of Google Earth and 3D
Warehouse Models

Kansas City, MO. January 9, 2007 — Punch! Software LLC, developers
of the #1 best-selling home and landscape design software on the
retail market, today announced that its upcoming ViaCAD release will
support the Google SketchUp 6 import file formats.

ViaCAD is a high functionality, low-cost 2D/3D design product that
revolutionizes the way everybody creates designs in 2D and 3D. To be
released in March of 2007, the new product supports Mac OS X and
Windows platforms, and retails for $99.

“The addition of the new SketchUp format is very powerful for our
users,” said Paul Bay, CEO, Punch! Software LLC. “With this
capability, we enable ViaCAD users to benefit from the availability
of predrawn models on Google’s 3D Warehouse, while using an
affordable, simple and yet powerful design product.”

The 3D Warehouse is an online feature of Google’s SketchUp
application that lets users search, share, and re-use 3D models. The
models in the 3D Warehouse include commonly used 3D elements,
everything from buildings, houses, bridges, and statues to couches,
cars, people, and pets. A demonstration of the Google 3D Warehouse is
available at:

ViaCAD delivers a powerful new way of designing, using 2D and 3D
elements in a concurrent adaptive user interface that enables
surprisingly rapid, easy and precise designs to be created. It also
creates 2D details, plans and elevations automatically from 3D models
– a tool that can also be used with models imported from SketchUp.

ViaCAD supports 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools with a wide
array of features to allow precision illustrations while keeping the
process incredibly simple. Accuracy is ensured by ViaCAD’s ACIS-based
kernel. The new release can export section views and detail views,
Bill of Materials lists, and includes complete 3D editing tools,
annotation, and dimensions, among other practical features for the
home designer.

Export functionality of SketchUp formats is planned soon, and will be
available as a download to existing users when complete.

ViaCAD will be released in March 2007, and will be available at major
retail stores as well as direct from Punch! Software’s web site at:

About Punch! Software
Punch! Software was founded in 1998 with the premise that home design
software should be as fun to use as it is productive. With more than
2 million units of its Mac and Windows products sold via retail
stores across North America. Punch! Software has consistently been
the best-selling home and landscape design retail software brand in
the US for the last 7 years. The company excels in providing highly
productive but very affordable software that appeals to users

Products developed and marketed by Punch! Software include:
Professional Home Design Suite, Home Design Studio, Home Design
Architectural Series, Master Landscape series, the Interior Design
Suite and ViaCAD. All products are available at major retailers as
well as direct from the company via its web site. Punch! Software is
based in Kansas City, MO. More information on Punch! Software
products can be found at .

Professional Home Design, Home Design Studio, Home Design
Architectural Series, Master Landscape series, the Interior Design
Suite and ViaCAD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Punch!
Software L.L.C. All other trademarks are the property of their
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