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1Passwd 2.1

Dec 7, 2006 – Toronto (Ontario, Canada) – Agile Web Solutions Inc.
today announced an update to 1Passwd – the most popular password
manager and automatic form filler for Mac OS X. The 2.1 release adds
support for NetNewsWire, the most widely used desktop RSS reader.

1Passwd is the only Password Manager that leverages the built-in Mac
OS X Keychain and provides extensions for all popular Mac OS X
browsers. This allows users to store and access their information
directly from their favorite browsers and keep all their browser
passwords synchronized. 1Passwd also offers automatic form filler
technology and effective protection from keyloggers and phishing

The new version of 1Passwd also features the automated keychain
backup technology, support for drag-and-drop to generate browser
bookmarks, Autosave Rules to customize the 1Passwd Autosave feature,
and many other changes and improvements. A detailed description of
the new features and screenshots are available at:

“It is amazing how active and passionate the Mac community is; we
have had over 1,600 messages posted in the 1Passwd support forum in
just the last few months alone. The latest 1Passwd improvements are
all based on the great feedback we received from our users. ” said
Agile Web Solutions CTO David Teare.

1Passwd requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and is available for download

Free version of 1Passwd is limited to 1 Identity and 12 Web Forms.
Full unlimited 1Passwd version is sold for $29.95 USD.

1Passwd version 2.1 is provided as a free upgrade to all registered
1Passwd users.

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