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Agile Web Solutions Inc. update 1Passwd

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Agile Web Solutions Inc. today announced
an update to its popular password manager for Mac OS X, 1Passwd.
Version 1.4 added several important new features and addressed some
stability issues.

1Passwd is a Password Manager that leverages the built-in Mac OS X
Keychain for maximum security. Web Browser extensions allow users to
access their passwords from directly from within their favorite
browsers for maximum convenience. 1Passwd also offers automatic form
filler capabilities and and protects users’ data from keyloggers and
phishing attacks.

Of significant note, 1Passwd 1.4 added a new sophisticated automatic
form filler (aka AutoFill) logic which allows 1Passwd to
automatically fill the vast majority of web forms with a single click.

“We’re happy to announce the new form filler algorithm is incredibly
effective at filling web forms. Our users hardly ever need to use
their keyboard anymore.” said Agile Web Solutions CTO David Teare.

What’s New in 1Passwd v1.4

[NEW] Added a notes field to each saved entry so you can add comments
to saved forms.

[NEW] Added new identity fields, including default username, password
question and answer, signature, social security number, etc.

[FIXED] Fixed problem with Option key in Firefox and Flock where
forms were automatically submitted by accident.

[FIXED] Added more credit card types to identity profile information.

[FIXED] Fixed problem with “Import Safari Passwords” when default
keychain name was different from “login.keychain”.

[FIXED] Fixed problem with 1Passwd Editor crashing during startup.

[FIXED] Fixed problem with Safari crashing when multiple tabs were
loading simultaneously.

[FIXED] Fixed problem with little/big-endian encoding of saved
identity birthday field.

[CHANGED] Improved AutoFill (Use Identity) logic .

[CHANGED] Improved logic of filling username and password where field
names do not match stored names.

[CHANGED] Renamed “1Passwd” to

About Agile Web Solutions Inc.

Conceptualized in the fall of 2002, Agile Web Solutions was a
partnership between two experienced consulting firms, Teare Software
Solutions Inc and Software Trenches Inc. Agile Web Solutions has a
long history of innovation and business excellence. Agile Web
Solutions is a privately held company headquartered near Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. For more information about the company or any of its
products, visit the Agile Web Solutions web site

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