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Kuler: Adobe Brings Color to Web 2.0 Experience

Adobe Brings Color to Web 2.0 Experience

Today Adobe introduced a technology preview of kuler, a Web-hosted
application that allows users to quickly create and share harmonious color
themes over the Web. Color, as we know, is one of the creative variables
that designers obsess over and kuler delivers an interactive and
communitarian experience that delivers on the promise of Web 2.0.

Creatives can collaborate and share color themes based on predefined color
formulas or create custom themes using kuler’s interactive color wheel. It
also enables users to tag, comment on and share themes with fellow
designers seeking creative inspiration around color. In addition, users of
Adobe Creative Suite have the added ability to save their color themes as
Adobe Swatch Exchange files (.ASE) for use in their Illustrator CS2,
InDesign CS2, Photoshop CS2 and GoLive CS2 workflows.

Built on the Adobe Flash 9 Player and ActionScript 3.0, kuler is a
technology preview that showcases the power of these two new technologies.
kuler is immediately available on the Adobe Labs at

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