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WebAssist Releases Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler

WebAssist Releases Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler

New, free tool supported by the Kuler community provides Dreamweaver users
with latest access to colors

San Francisco — January 10, 2008 — WebAssist today announced the release of
the free Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler, enabling instant access to the most
recent, popular, or highest-rated colors and palettes right within
Dreamweaver. With development contributions and support from the Adobe
Kuler community, users can now experience the best in color choices and
palette selections through Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler.

Kuler is the Adobe web application for designers to create, explore, and
share color schemes. WebAssist’s Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler enables users
to get the latest colors and sample colors from any Dreamweaver color
picker. In addition, users can now insert a hex color value into code with
a single mouse click.

Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler include the following capabilities and benefits:
* Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler works everywhere — with standard HTML pages or
* standalone CSS style sheets. Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler is good to go
for both designer and developer, and it works equally well in both Design
and Code
* view. Great for static, dynamic, or templated pages, Dreamweaver Tools
* Kuler covers the spectrum.
* With Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler, users can easily search for a specific
color criteria. Search for a tag, hex value, creator’s email address or
title, or any of the above. Page through results until the desired color is
obtained, and then sample away.
* Just like on the Kuler site, users can view the Most Recent, Most Popular
(most downloaded), or Highest Ranked color themes with Dreamweaver Tools for
Kuler. Choose the desired option from the drop-down menu and color themes
are listed, five at a time. Users can even choose Random for that extra bit
of inspiration.
* Dreamweaver Tools for Kulers delivers the hottest, latest colors directly
to users. It also allows them to choose from professional color schemes and
find the hues and hex values that speak to them.

“Whether you’re looking for the hottest color combinations or the coolest
palettes, it’s imperative that you get Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler,” said
Joseph Lowery, Vice President of Marketing, WebAssist. “We want to thank the
Kuler community for their support and help in the development of this latest
tool. We can’t wait to see the eye-popping colors our users will now be
able to experience and deploy.”

To experience the free Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler now, please visit: To learn more about Kuler, visit
( .

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