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UNIVERSE Software GmbH, Neuss, has announced=20
Version 4 of pdf-FormServer, a software solution=20
for saving filled out PDF forms complete with=20
content. This software will allow all PDF form=20
users to print out and save any kind of PDF form=20
complete with data entered by the user for=20
further processing in three different formats,=20
depending on the intended purpose.

Up to now, Adobe Reader only allowed PDF forms to=20
be filled out on the screen and printed; however,=20
there was no way of saving the form with the data=20
entered up to now. pdf- FormServer allows users=20
save PDF forms together with content, which can=20
be reopened, altered and saved again at any time.=20
The form fields remain interactive; the content=20
can always be edited.

Even complex data entries can be accessed again,=20
edited, or altered, without changing the actual=20
structure of the PDF. The form itself remains=20
unalterable — the way it should be with a PDF=20
form to keep its authenticity, as pdf-FormServer=20
fulfils the PDF/A archiving standards.

There will be three formats available for saving=20
that can be individually selected depending on=20
the further intended use of the form. A form can=20
be saved as a PDF, FDF, or — new — X/FDF=20
(structured XML).

These options allow not only classical form=20
handling; FDF and X/FDF data can be=20
electronically processed by direct export into a=20
database, for example, allowing computer analysis=20
of a large number of forms.

The software is available in three versions –=20
single workstation, intranet server or web=20
version for unrestricted use on the Web.

A free demo version is available for download at=20
( The=20
single-workstation version costs =A433 including=20
VAT. Updates and support services are included in=20
the price.

Programmed completely in Java, the software is=20
available for Win95, 98, 2000, NT, XP and Mac OS=20
X platforms.

About UNIVERSE Software:

UNIVERSE Software GmbH, located in Neuss,=20
Germany, develops and distributes extremely=20
powerful, but at the same time exceptionally=20
simple to use PDF (portable document format)=20
software solutions, based on innovative JAVA=20
technologies. This technology enables maximum=20
independence concerning hardware and operating=20

=46ocus of our solutions is the ease of use, a high=20
efficiency, productivity and open platform=20
strategy. Based on these components we provide=20
lots of different solutions for your daily=20
business: Create PDF forms & files, save filled=20
out PDF forms, auto fill in PDF forms from=20
databases, recover master passwords, process PDF=20
forms data, convert FDF and much more. 100 % PDF=20
compatible. The main benefits are: Quick, simple=20
and useful.

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