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Save filled out PDF forms

The Solution for electronic forms now also for Mac

Best effiziency with PDF forms: Save filled out PDF forms either as PDF or
FDF – now also available for MAC.

You cannot save form field values in Acrobat Reader. That is a weakness if
you want to fill in large forms and edit form field content later again.
When you close the program all your data is lost. But the solution is
found. With pdf-FormServer by UNIVERSE Software, the annoyance of each and
every PDF form is now cleared away. And user can even select data format in
which they want to save form fields. Now this solution is also available
for Mac operating system.

PDF is the standard format for document exchange. But whoever is under the
impression that PDF forms that have been completed with their own data and
printed, can also be saved, is in the wrong. Acrobat Reader does not
include this function. In reality, after each closure of the program all
previously entered data needs to be re-entered if the form wants to be
worked on any further. This is not only time consuming but also very

The German software developer UNIVERSE Software now provides a solution
called pdf-FormServer to save PDF forms with content as FDF or – a new and
unique feature. Once this software solution has been installed, all PDF
files can be saved inclusive of all their contents in both formats. No need
to mention that all forms that have been filled once can be read again with
the included data and also altered at a later date.

Just open a PDF file by double-clicking. pdf-FormServer will then manage
all input data so that they can be saved, if the user so wishes. The best
thing about it is that the user won’t be disturbed when working on his
form, because the pdf-FormServer can also work unnoticed in the background.

Another novelty is that even forms that do not have a =93Save” button can no=
be equipped with a function allowing the user to save and open all data.
This means that practically all existing pdf forms are =93saveable” with

A demonstration version can be downloaded from the website
( The single user version is
priced at 33,- Euros. Service and updates are included in this price.

Pure Java based pdf-FormServer is running on Win95, Win98, Win 2000, NT, XP
and Mac OS X

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