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Revolution Development Platform Now Universal

Runtime Revolution Ships Universal Version of Revolution Development Platform

Edinburgh, Scotland. – June 2, 2006 – Runtime Revolution Ltd., a leader in
multi-platform rich media and application development tools, today
announced the release of Revolution 2.7.2, a Universal application upgrade
for its cross-platform development solutions that means the entire
Revolution product line now runs natively on Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger”
equipped Intel-based Macs.

“As a leading provider of application development tools we are excited
about delivering advanced customer solutions that leverage the speed and
performance of Mac OS X and the Intel-based Macs,” said Kevin Miller, CEO
of Runtime Revolution, Ltd. Macs. “There’s clear demand from our customers
for this Universal version and creating it was a relatively quick and easy
process using Apple’s Xcode and our engineering talent.”

“Xcode and other innovative Apple tools give developers the power to easily
create Universal versions of their most popular applications,” said Ron
Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re
thrilled to have Runtime Revolution deliver Intel-native versions of its
tools to join the more than 2000 Universal applications now available for
Intel-based Macs.”

Of special interest to developers and designers that deploy cross-platform
solutions, the Revolution 2.7.2 update is available for the entire product
line, including Revolution Studio and Revolution Enterprise. Revolution
Studio and higher can compile applications for the following platforms: Mac
OS X (for both Power PC- and Intel-based Macs), Windows, Linux and Solaris.
Revolution Media ($49), a template driven version especially for graphic
designers that want to develop rich, interactive media, is also updated.

The 2.7.2 update also includes improvements to the installation process,
accessing the online documentation system and small fixes for the IDE and
engine. Version 2.7.2 follows 2.7.1, which added over 50 minor improvements
and updates to all products. Customers with current update plans will
receive the update for free – all users of Revolution Media are entitled to
a free upgrade. Update packs cost $199 (Studio), and $499 (Enterprise) and
are immediately available from the Runtime Revolution site at

About Runtime Revolution Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on
bringing user-centric software development to all major platforms: Mac OS
X, Windows, Linux, and Unix.

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