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Cross-Platform Runtime Revolution Demonstrated at IFA

Revolution Event: IFA 2006 (September 1-6, 2006)

Cross-Platform Runtime Revolution Demonstrated at IFA


August 30, 2006. Runtime Revolution, Ltd is joining partner U3 at IFA
Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany September 1-6, 2006. IFA
is the world’s largest consumer electronics fair with 1,202
exhibitors from 40 countries.

Runtime Revolution 2.7.3 introduced a new feature to the leading
cross-platform development and design tool to automatically build U3
compliant applications. U3’s smart drive computing system ensures
that applications run off of a U3 drive do not leave any information
behind on a host computer.

“Recent travel restrictions on carrying laptops are a wake up call to
the business community for portable applications. Being able to carry
your personal data and the applications to work with it on a single
device provide the traveling business community with alternatives,”
said Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution.

You can see a live demo of Runtime Revolution in the U3 booth at Hall
1.2 Stand 104c. This live demo includes not only utlizing U3 as a
deployment platform but also utilizing Runtime Revolution as a
cross-platform development environment. The live demo will also show
Animation Engine, the fast animation graphics library and toolkit for
Revolution. Visitors will also be able to take advantage of a special
offer from the IFA booth.

Runtime Revolution 2.7.3 for Windows, Mac OS X (PPC and Intel), Linux
and Solaris is not only the easiest way to begin developing
applications – with no prior knowledge of programming – but also has
the broadest support for operating systems. It was also the first
non-Apple rapid application tool to support Universal Binary
applications. Runtime Revolution is also offering Revolution
Enterprise to users of Adobe Director, REAL Software’s REALbasic and
Microsoft Visual Studio on a limited time, special competitive
upgrade offer from now through the duration of the IFA consumer
electronics show.

For more information about Runtime Revolution, visit

About Runtime Revolution

Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh,
Linux, and Unix. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For
more information on Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on
the web at

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