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Boston Area, MA. 1/5/06 — ilene Hoffman, Macintosh Consultant and Writer,
is pleased to announce that the Hess Memorial Macworld Events List is ready
for public consumption. Macworld Expo San Francisco starts next week and
even if you don’t go to the show, check the list for related Internet
events and podcasts. There’s no reason to be left out just because you’re
not in San Francisco! I made the list, so you should check it twice.

Now in its eleventh year (20th show), the Hess Macworld Events list is *the
only* source for every event and press function held during Macworld Expo
week Jan. 9th through Jan. 13th. It is truly a unique page on the web that
also boasts pass along readership!

Companies and individuals are encouraged to email listings for the Hess
Events page from the links on the site. Please send a short description and
location so that users can get a head start on the best places to visit at
the show. Contributions that help offset the costs of keeping up the list
are always welcome.

Look for the parties and events at: (– Link here (– User registration for
Ilene’s Machine, a very sporadic newsletter.

Special thanks go out to Micromat, OtherWorld Computing, ProSoft
Engineering, RadTech LLC, Rogue Amoeba, Small Dog Electronics, Sharp Tongue
Consulting/Inside Mac Radio, Ear Buddy’s, and the LA Final Cut User’s Group
for supporting the party list! Please support these vendors by clicking on
their banners!

Don’t forget to tell your staff about the Hess Events List also, so they
can take advantage of all the fun events at the show when on break at the
show or in the office. Events are still coming in, so check the page every

The author, Ilene Hoffman, took over this events list when the original
author, Robert Hess, passed away in 1996. It is a memorial and tribute to
his hard work in the Macintosh community.

These pages are made possible by my dancing fingers and your generous
banner ad support. Users can help support the list by clicking the
contributions link in the yellow box on the Hess Memorial Macworld Events
List. Please help if you can.

Hess Macworld Event Site Comments:
— “I can’t schedule MacWorld without it. (g)” Michelle Steiner, 2005 —
Great site Ilene. . . thanks. (ATTO Technology, Inc.) — … readers note
that “the Hess Party Events list is an excellent resource for Macworld Expo
events.” (MacNN) — Michael Gowan of Macworld magazine used “the Robert
Hess Memorial party list to schedule the ultimate Expo party itinerary.”
— I had a great time all week thanks to your party list. (University of
Western Ontario)
— The definitive party list! (Avid Technology)

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