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Hess Memorial Party List Up


Boston, MA. 1/9/07 — ilene Hoffman, Macintosh Consultant, writer and
photographer, is pleased to announce that the incomparable and convenient
Hess Memorial Macworld Events List is full of your events and parties.
( NOW available as an iPod
file on!

In its twelfth year of publication, the Hess Macworld Events list turns 21
in January! It is *the only* source for every event and press function held
during Macworld Conference & Expo week Jan. 8 – Jan. 12, 2007. This is a
unique web page that also boasts pass along readership! There’s no reason
to be left out just because you’re not in San Francisco, check the list for
related Internet events and podcasts too!

Companies and individuals sent in listings for the Hess Events page from
the links on the site, so that users could get a head start on the best
places to visit at the show. Contributions that help offset the costs of
keeping up the list are always welcome. Limited banner advertising space
for companies is still available too.

Look for the parties and events at: (– Link here (– User registration
for “Ilene’s Machine,” a very sporadic newsletter.

Special thanks go out to Bare Bones, DriveSavers, Micromat, Prosoft
Engineering, Stone Design, Kerio Technologies, Tom Bihn bags, SeeFile
Software, and the LA Final Cut User’s Group for supporting the party list!
Please support these vendors by clicking on their banners!

The Hess Memorial Events List is updated every time a new event is
received, so please let us know what your company is doing at Macworld.
Users should check the page every day, so that you don’t miss a thing.

The author, ilene Hoffman, took over the events list when the original
author, Robert Hess of MacWeek, passed away in 1996. It is a memorial and
tribute to his hard work in the Macintosh community.

These pages are made possible by ilene’s dancing fingers and your generous
banner ad support. Please help if you can.

Hess Macworld Event Site Comments
— “The Hess Memorial Macworld Events list is always the first place I look
when finalizing my Macworld itinerary. I have yet to find a more
comprehensive resource for planning both my work and leisure time for the
week.” Laurie Duncan, MacSamurai Consulting, 2006
— “The list is such a great resource for the expo!” Jim Deas, 2006
— “I can’t schedule MacWorld without it. (g)” Michelle Steiner, 2005
— Great site Ilene. . . thanks. (ATTO Technology, Inc.)
— … readers note that “the Hess Party Events list is an
excellent resource for Macworld Expo events.” (MacNN)
— The definitive party list! (Avid Technology)

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