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Apple adds ATI Radeon X850 XT to G5 BTO option

Apple has added the ATI Radeon X850 XT graphics card to its build-to-order option for the Power Mac G5. “The Radeon X850 XT graphics processor provides a significant step up in graphics processing horsepower,” Apple notes on its site. “Featuring a 16-pixel pipeline architecture and a large 256 MB DDR SDRAM frame buffer the performance metrics delivered by the X850 XT are impressive; memory bandwidth is 34.6 GB per second, over 700 million vertices and over 8 billion textured pixels per second. This advanced graphics card also includes SMARTSHADER HD, the latest in graphics programmability allowing users to experience movie-quality effects in 3D games and pro applications. The Radeon X850 XT occupies a single slot and can support a single 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display on the DVI port. The second port on the Radeon X850 XT is an Apple Display Connector (ADC port) for direct connection of Apple flat panel displays with ADC connectors.” The option is priced at US$400 ($350 for dual 2.7 GHz model). [Thanks to MacMinute reader Paul Martens for this news tip.]

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