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Mac mini: The ultimate iPod accessory?

iPodlounge has posted its review of Apple’s new Mac mini (both the 1.25GHz and 1.42GHz models) and explains what a Windows-using iPod owner can expect from the new machine. “As an entry-level Macintosh computer, the Mac mini uses almost every ounce of its potential: its only omission (RAM) is easily and inexpensively remedied, and its broad compatibility with existing PC monitors, USB keyboards and USB mice is welcome. Regardless of whether you purchase the 1.25Ghz or the 1.42Ghz version, you cannot go wrong for the price,” writes Jeremy Horwitz. “iPod fans have even more reason to enjoy the newest Macintosh. Increased iTunes functionaity, fewer driver-related hassles, and easier iPod photo compatibility are already bonuses, and even better things are surely yet to come.”

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