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iList Studio 2.0 Database Software Released for Mac OS X


NIAGARA FALLS – August 4, 2004 – Lakewood Studios today released iList
Studio 2.0, by far the most powerful low cost database software for the
Macintosh. Now powered by MySQL(R), iList Studio is the perfect
database companion for Mac-based businesses, home users, educators,
researchers, and multi-user workgroups. The software works seamlessly
with Microsoft Office 2004.

Quickly build multimedia catalogs, scheduling databases, collaborative
research tools, and multi-user relational databases, all without
programming. Gather, browse, and share password-protected product
inventories, schedules, academic references, and holiday snapshots over
the Web. iList Studio 2.0 ships with several customizable database
templates. Quickly create a full-fledged MySQL database in just a few

iList Studio’s benefits include integrated graphing, user designed
record editors, ten find modes, and batch editing. Also included is
extensive support for cataloging images and other files.

Designed as an administrative and client front-end to MySQL, iList
Studio supports every MySQL field type plus six new “meta” field types:
booleans, paths, URLs, colors, JPEG thumbnails, and calculations. iList
Studio’s user interface, complete with user designed record editors,
search history and bookmarks, on-the-fly graphing, and saved user
preferences makes browsing a MySQL database a truly pleasurable

Feature Highlights

* user designed windows for creating, editing, and finding data
* new interface controls including date and time fields, color
swatches, and image canvases NEW!
* support for every MySQL field type plus six new “meta” field types:
boolean, path, URL, color, JPEG, and calculation NEW!
* multi-user support complete with password protection and table,
field, and interface level privileges NEW!
* built-in relational support for searching and displaying data across
* on-the-fly calculations and column summaries
* ten find modes including find on field, find by value, and find parent
* enhanced SQL editing for experienced users and built-in help by
example support for novices
* search history and bookmarks
* four batch editing modes including multi edit and auto number

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