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iList Data 3.0 Database Software

iList Data 3.0 DATABASE SOFTWARE Released for Mac OS X

NIAGARA FALLS – September 7, 2005 – Lakewood Studios today released iList
Data 3.0, by far the most powerful, low cost, single-user database software
for the Macintosh.

Now available in an easy-to-install personal edition, iList Data is built
on the same engine that powers iList Studio, our multi-user database
software. iList Data supports nearly all of the single-user features of
iList Studio, but creates standalone databases that do not require the
installation of server software.

iList Data’s benefits include integrated graphing, user designed record
editors, ten find modes, and batch editing. Also included is extensive
support for cataloging images and other files.


* ten database templates: Create your first database in seconds

* user designed windows for creating, editing, and finding data

* ten find modes including find on field, find by value, and find parent

* support for text, number, date, and time fields plus integrated support
for boolean, path, URL, color, JPEG, and calculation values

* built-in relational support for searching and displaying data across tables

* Mac OS X compliant interface controls including date and time fields,
color swatches, and image canvases

* on-the-fly calculations and column summaries

* dynamic reports: Retrieve both the data and shell of a report from the
database itself NEW!

* nine window sets: Save and recall custom interface setups with one click

* search history and bookmarks

* four batch editing modes including multi edit and auto number

* inline editing and pop-up editing of fields via keyword lists

* inline and summary graphing. View dot, line, bar, and fill graphs inline
with your data

* advanced SQL editing for experienced users and built-in help by example
support for novices

* a built in resizable image viewer and full screen slideshow mode

* a dedicated thumbnail palette for viewing JPEG and other web-based images

* speech synthesis

* Apple iLife integration: Send images to iPhoto 5 with one click NEW!

* Microsoft Office X and 2004 integration: Send record lists to Excel and
Word with one click

* and much more…


iList Data 3.0 has a suggested retail price of $69.95 U.S.

*** Until Saturday, the software can be purchased direct from Lakewood
Studios for the special introductory price of $49.95. ***

Educational pricing and site licenses are also available.


A demo version of iList Data 3.0 can be downloaded from

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