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SnapWeb 2.0

SnapWeb 2.0

SnapWeb is a snapshot, archiving and publishing utility for web content

SnapWeb creates complete screenshots of web pages even if the users
screen isn’t large enough to show the whole page content at once. The
output isn’t scattered to multiple pages or scaled down unless it is
unreadable. The resulting images are saved as JPEG, PNG or PDF files.

The straight, browser like interface of SnapWeb makes it a very fast
and productive tool to archive, document, present and publish web

SnapWeb is a daily co-worker for advertising agencies, graphic studios,
publishers, consultants, archivists, press reviewers, authors,
journalists, scientists, students and teachers.

System requirements are: Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) or newer. Apple
Safari browser version 1.0 or newer. SnapWeb is optimized for Mac OS
10.3 (Panther).
Download SnapWeb at

SnapWeb is Shareware, you can try it for free. License prices are
starting at US$ 17.90, updates at US$ 9.90.
Register SnapWeb at

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