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SnapWeb version 4.0.1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – November 8th, 2006 – Brain Tickling Software
announces the release of SnapWeb version 4.0.1.

The new version of SnapWeb is a free maintenance update for all
SnapWeb 4 users. In addition to many improvements and fixes it has a
new parameter to set a fixed page height for a snapshot…

New features in version 4.0.1:

– The “Fixed Height” parameter defines the absolute height of the
resulting snapshot. This function is useful, if you want to check how
your web page looks on systems with limited screen resolution or if
your snapshot should fit into a given layout.

– Added a new AppleScript command to set the “Fixed Height” parameter.

Improvements in version 4.0.1:

– Snapshots in PDF Text mode are now including background graphics.
(Something Safari can’t do for you.)

– On some systems, where Firefox was used a lot, the “spinning beach
ball” was blocking SnapWeb for long periods. We changed the threading
mechanism which caused this misbehavior.

Fixed bugs:

– When a “Minumum width” was set, SnapWeb calculated a wrong height
for the snapshot.

– The URL field of the browser window wasn’t accepting any input,
after a page with form fields was snapped.

– In some cases PDF Text snapshots were truncated.

– A “/” character in page titles crashed SnapWeb, when the title was
used as file name.

– Some AppleScript commands were not working on Intel Macs.

– On slow systems SnapWeb was creating blank snapshots from time to time.

Download your copy of SnapWeb version 4.0.1 at


SnapWeb is a snapshot, archiving and publishing utility for web content

SnapWeb creates complete screenshots of web pages even if the users
screen isn’t large enough to show the whole page at once. The output
isn’t scattered to multiple pages or scaled down unless it is
unreadable. The resulting images can be saved in different file
formats or copied to the system clipboard. In addition SnapWeb can
save web pages as resolved HTML data or it can extract human readable
text from web pages.

The straight, browser like interface of SnapWeb makes it a very fast
and productive tool to archive, document and present web content.
SnapWeb is a daily co-worker for advertising agencies, graphic
studios, consultants, archivists, press reviewers, authors,
journalists, lawyers, scientists, students and teachers.

System requirements are: Mac OS X version 10.4.3 or newer. On prior
Mac OS X versions please use SnapWeb 2.0.1 r2. Download SnapWeb at

SnapWeb is Shareware, you can try it for free. License prices are
starting at USD 17.90, updates at USD 9.90. Register SnapWeb at


Brain Tickling Software is an international community of independent
developers – independent, innovative and fun!

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