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Daystar offers $199 G4 upgrade for Power Mac G3

Daystar Technology has expanded its XLR8 CPU upgrade line to include the value-priced MAChSpeed G4 ZIF 500/600, a 600MHz upgrade card for Power Mac G3s priced at US$199. “Combining technologies from Daystar and XLR8, the new upgrade utilizes the proven performance of the backside cache, to turbocharge its MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade. The resulting upgrade delivers a 600MHz upgrade that rivals the Power Macintosh G4 ‘QuickSilver’ 733 system. Power Macintosh G3 speed improvements range for 2.5x in normal applications, to 8x in OS X optimized applications.” The upgrade is fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and OS X in any Power Macintosh G3 system (and the Power Macintosh G4 PCI).

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