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Maxum Updates Rumpus ftp Server To Version 3.5



Maxum Development’s Popular FTP Server Offers Improved Setup, Security
and Usability.

Crystal Lake, Illinois (May 4, 2004) – Maxum Development is pleased to
announce a significant update to Rumpus, the premier FTP server for Mac
OS and Mac OS X. The Rumpus version 3.5 updates focus on ease of use,
security, and extensions to the most popular features relied on by FTP
server administrators.

The first thing new users will notice is the addition of setup
assistants which provide simplified configuration of the Rumpus Web File
Manager and FTP servers running on private networks. The new assistants
make using these popular Rumpus features easier than ever.

Additional updates include:

* Enhanced Upload Notices – Rumpus Upload Notices, which are used to
send e-mail to administrators when users transfer files to the
server, now support more mail recipients, and can include additional
information about the uploaded file. The file transfer date and
time, filename or full path, and a variety of other details can now
be reflected in both standard or fully customized e-mail messages.

* Simple Web File Manager Customization – Rumpus’ exclusive Web
File Manager has also been revised, starting with a variety of easy
to use customization options for tailoring the look of the Web file
transfer server. The more flexible directory listings include
customizable last modified date and time display, and Maxum has
streamlined the standard Web File Manager look and feel.

* Security Enhancements And Fixes – An option to disallow “3rd party
PORT connections” (a standard FTP feature that some administrators
prefer not to allow) has been added. In addition, all log files and
GUI fields now properly obscure passwords. Finally, existing
security features that automatically recognize potential threats now
always correctly enable and disable properly and avoid adding
duplicate protection entries.

* Internal Improvements – Changes extend to things users won’t see,
as well as things they will, with better error reporting, improved
file and connection handling, and revised HTTP headers to optimize
browser caching and compatibility.

* Bug Fixes – Mac OS 8/9 directory listings now better reflect user
permissions. An “infinite loop” condition has been corrected. FTP
client compatibility has been improved with better error condition
management, and various minor interface changes have been made.

The upgrade to Rumpus 3.5 is free for existing customers who purchased
Rumpus on or after October 1, 2002. For all other Rumpus customers, the
upgrade is $79 (or $129 for the Professional version). For additional
information about Rumpus, including access to the free, time-limited
evaluation version, visit:

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development became the first company to ship
commercial Internet products for the Macintosh when it released NetCloak
and NetForms in 1994. Since that time, Maxum has continued to innovate
with a series of unique, widely acclaimed Internet server products.

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