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Rumpus 4.2



September 8, 2005 – Rumpus FTP, the premier Internet file transfer server
for Macintosh, is now even better, with the release of Rumpus 4.2.
Significant new features and updates include:

* Administration Notices can now be triggered for various server events

* Simplified private LAN setup auto-help and configuration

* Quick access to Maxum tech support and information Web site resources

* Numerous new administration options

* Cached alias lookups for improved performance and reliability

* Improved automatic checks for Rumpus version updates

* Helpful “tool tips” on all fields and buttons

* Various bug fixes and minor feature improvements

For complete details, including a free, fully-functional, time-limited
evaluation version, visit the Rumpus home page, at:

Rumpus FTP, first launched in 1997, is the premier file transfer server for
Mac OS. Maxum Development Corp. was the first commercial Internet software
company to release products for Mac OS, and continues to innovate with it’s
line of “Internet Server Essentials”.

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