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Type/Creator Database 2003.8 for OS X

August 2003

Ilan Szekely is pleased to announce the release Type/Creator Database
2003.8 for OS X.
This is the 24th release of Type/Creator Database!
Type/Creator Database is Shareware – only $20

What’s new in the August 2003 release?

This version is completely rewritten for OS X.

Type/Creator Database is now based upon the Panorama(tm) database
tool by ProVUE.

The database now combines in one file all the information previously
present in:
1. Type/Creator Database
2. Duplicate Type/Creator DB
3. PC Exchange Mappings.

There are almost 2000 new codes.
The database includes now 44,200 records.
Over 5000 entries have equivalent PC extension codes.


Ilan Szekely, Jerusalem

Ilan Szekely, Macintosh Consultant


Type/Creator Database site at

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