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Type/Creator Database v2000.5

Ilan Szekely announces the 21st update to Type/Creator Database. Current
version is v2000.5 and is shareware.

Type/Creator Database v2000.5 includes 33,630 entries in 2 files. About
3300 of these entries also include the PC equivalent extension.

The database is a self contained program that can sort and search the
information at blazing speed.

A free demo version includes about half of the entries and no PC codes.

At the same time the (free) Duplicates TCDB 1.1 was also released. It
includes over 500 codes that have at least one “partner” – a situation that
can cause “conflicts”.

Also in the package

PC Exchange TCDB 1.1 (free)
PC Extension Codes Database 1.1 (free)

All using the same interface and database engine.

Visit the TCDB site at (

Due to the large size of the database the “database engine” reached its
limit… Therefore it was divided into 2 parts. INITs and all the others. I
plan that the next version will be a totally new program.

Ilan Szekely

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