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Apple’s Ive on Power Mac G5 design

Jonathan Ive, head of Apple’s industrial design team, discusses the design of the Power Mac G5 in a new Wired article posted today. Among other topics, Ive talks about how the G5 compares to high-design PCs, such as those from Alienware or Falcon Northwest: “It’s really much more potent when you don’t put on a veneer pretending to be powerful,” he said. “I see (the G5) as a tool. It’s an extremely powerful tool. There’s not a plastic façade that adds to the fact that it’s a really powerful tool. It’s very, very obvious that it is what it is.” He continued, “From a designer’s point of view, it’s not an appearance game we’re playing. It is very utilitarian. It’s the use of material in a very minimalist way.”

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