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PowerLogix unveils dual, single 1.4GHz upgrades

PowerLogix has announced its PowerForce G4 Dual 1.4GHz and Single 1.4GHz processor upgrade cards for PowerMac G4s. The 1.4GHz cards are compatible with all Power Mac G4s beginning with the “AGP Graphics” model, up to and including the “QuickSilver 2002.” Series 100 cards are compatible with the 100MHz bus Power Macs, and Series 133 cards are compatible with the 133MHz bus Power Macs. The Single 1.4GHz card is also available for use with the Power Mac G4 Cube. The Single 1.4GHz upgrade is priced at US$599, while the Dual 1.4GHz retails for $1099. There is no word on when the cards will ship.

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