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Gefen announces Ex-tend-it 4×1 DVI/ADC Switcher

Gefen today announced its Ex-tend-it 4×1 DVI/ADC Switcher, which connects four DVI sources to two ADC and/or DVI displays. “DVI sources include any computer or HDTV (High Definition Television) equipped with a DVI port. Each source is accessed through either display. Any DVI or ADC equipped display can be used with the Switcher including Apple’s 23-inch Cinema HD Display. The 4×1 DVI/ADC Switcher is made with a technology that is better equipped to display high-end visuals so visual acuity is assured. The unit switches video, USB and audio for each source, offers HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection) compatibility for home theater applications and includes ports for USB and audio. It’s rackmountable, comes with an infrared remote control and is priced at US$849.”

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