Apple discloses executives compensation

Apple today filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission, disclosing the compensation granted to CEO Steve Jobs and other Apple executives for their work last year. “Jobs again earned a salary of $1 in 2002. His income reflects $2.2 million in bonuses related to the jet that Apple purchased for him several years ago… Timothy D. Cook, who has taken on responsibility for Apple’s sales and operations, saw a jump in pay. He earned a salary of $563,829 in 2002, up from $452,219 in 2001. Avadis Tevanian, senior vice president of software engineering, saw his salary increase to $492,212 in 2002 from $460,873 a year earlier. Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson’s salary dipped to $656,631 from $657,039 a year earlier. Jonathan Rubinstein, the company’s senior vice president of hardware, earned $452,588 in 2002, down from $469,737,” reports c|net.

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