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zegsRuler 2.0 for REALbasic

Subject: [ANN] zegsRuler 2.0 for REALbasic released

March 24, 2003. Canberra, Australia – fracturedSoftware is pleased to
announce the release of zegsRuler 2.0, a set of REALbasic classes that make
it easy to add graphic type rulers and scales to REALbasic projects.
zegsRuler supports scaling (zooming), scrolling and changing of the origin
as well as lots of control over line length and width, color, background,
text etc. In addition, all rulers can be either plain or 3D. Mouse tracking
is also supported.

Release 2.0 of zegsRuler brings about a few changes in the way zegsRuler
works. In particular, rulers are now classes that can be easily drawn into
any graphics port. zegsRuler 2.0 also now includes a set of rulerStyle
classes that encapsulate various ruler types. The provided rulerStyles
include inch (10,12,16 divisions) and cm (10) that scale from 3% to 3200%
and can be easily extended or modified if required. Other rulerStyle
subclasses show how zegsRuler can be easily set up to create several
different types of scales, slider control markers, map grids etc.

This release also includes a number of new examples such as how zegsRuler
can be used to show the current selection in a graphic type project, double
buffering the ruler into a canvas and there is even a fully functional
example where the ruler is shown and hidden with a nice sliding action when
the user presses a button.

This update is a free upgrade to all registered users of zegsRuler.

zegsRuler is USD25 and comes with source code. Documentation and a fully
functional demo of zegsRuler is available at

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