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Reusable Classes for Solid REALbasic Applications

Reusable Classes for Solid REALbasic Applications

Placitas, NM — Excel Software has updated RbApp for compatibility with the
latest REALbasic 2005 R4 release from REAL Software, Inc. Other enhances in
the RbApp 1.0.3 update include foreign language support in RbEdit running
on Macintosh and the addition of the new QuickHelp 2.0 Viewer for
presenting contextual online help in REALbasic applications.

RbApp provides a collection of reusable REALbasic classes that can speed
the development of almost any desktop application. RbApp is easily added to
any Macintosh or Windows program using RB 5.5 or 2005. It includes sample
applications, a printed and PDF developer’s guide and royalty-free
distribution of classes compiled into the application.

RbApp includes these REALbasic classes:

* RbEdit – Text editor for large files, undo/redo, find/replace
* RbView – Page layout for REALbasic’s drawing environment
* RbCommand – Undo/redo command structure
* RbPalette – Toolbars and tool palettes for any platform
* RbStringList – String list management
* RbXML – Easy read and write of data as XML
* RbHelp – Interactive application help using QuickHelp
* RbLibrary – Text editing routines

RbApp is priced at $195 for a Single User License. Contact Excel Software
for site license pricing or to download a free trial edition.

Excel Software
Ph: (505) 771-3719
Fax: (505) 771-3718

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