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Apple: AirPort Extreme upgradeable to final 802.11g standard

“In keeping with its reputation for trying to stay ahead of the competition, Apple introduced its next generation of wireless products, Airport Extreme, at the January Macworld San Francisco show, writes David Zeiler for the Baltimore Sun. But in the rush to be among the first to adopt the faster protocol, officially known as 802.11g, some say Apple has jumped the gun. The “g” standard isn’t scheduled to be certified until later this year. Wireless protocols, as well as a lot of other technological standards, are set by a global body called the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.). Because it hasn’t been finalized, the “g” standard could change before it becomes official.” Apple spokesperson Nathalie Welch said the company is “very confident” that, if necessary, it will be able to update its Apple Extreme products via a software or firmware update “that will keep everything in sync with the ratified standard.”

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