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MacHack 2003: Sessions, Papers Announced

MacHack 2003: Sessions, Papers Announced

MacHack: By Developers, For Developers

March 13, 2003-Dearborn, MI- After toiling away for months, the MacHack
content committees are ready to unveil the fruits of their labors. Numerous
technical sessions are ready to be revealed and more will be added as the
conference draws near. Openings for speakers are still available, so don’t
hesitate to check the conference website for details on how to participate.

The technical sessions are numerous and varied. A preliminary list includes
such topics as:

Bash Metrowerks
Birds of a Feather: Contracting
Birds of a Feather: Selling Shareware
BSD Security on Mac OS X
C++ for Yoots!
Do’s and Don’ts of Shareware
Everything You Wanted To Know About PDF, But Were Afraid To Ask
eXtreme Programming
Hacking the Press
Hacking Objective-C
Patching with Unsanity Application Enhancer
Performance Analysis
Porting Applications
PowerPlant X
ROBOLAB: LEGO Mindstorms for Schools (and Macs!)
Sherlock 3 Channels
Using GPGME.framework to add public key cryptography features to your
Video Digitizing

Details on session specifics as well as speaker bios are available on
the conference website.

Every year sees the MacHack Papers Competition. This subcategory of MacHack
content derives from the academic origins of the conference. The origins of
this tradition are lost in the Mists of Time, when MacHack was affiliated
with the University of Michigan. Now, every spring brings a crop of
academic style papers with a decidedly MacHack spin. The seven below are
the best of breed of 2003. These papers represent an academic understanding
of all that is MacHack.

Hacking PalmOS 5 by Jesse Donaldson
How to Hack Mac OS X by Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch
Integrating a Virtual File System with Mac OS X by Andrew S. Downs
LAMP (LAMP Ain’t Mac POSIX) by Joshua Juran
Risks in Using Commerical Wireless Networks by Dennis Luxen
Signing Executables in Mac OS X by Miro Jurisic
Systematic Error Handling and Exception Safety in Mixed C++/Objective-C
Mac Murrett and Andrew Pontious

Competitive papers will be presented as part of the conference program.
Conference attendees vote on the best of the presentations. The winner of
the papers competition will receive the MacHack 2003 Papers Prize Package.

Secure registration and more information are available at the conference

Conference registration costs $500 (a $50 discount until 4/15/03) and
includes access to all conference events, 3 meals and the conference
banquet. Of course, attendance of the legendary Hack Show is mandatory.
Secure registration and more information are available at the conference
website. MacHack 18 will take place June 19-21, 2003, in Dearborn,
Michigan. More information is available on the Web from .

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