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Stupendous updates “SplitScreen & Picture-in-Picture” iMovie effects

Stupendous Software has updated its “SplitScreen & PiP” iMovie plug-in pack with four new picture-in-picture effects, for a total of 26 effects. The new effects feature colored borders and dropped shadows. A free demo download allows all effects to be previewed, and 4 of the effects are fully functional and can be applied. The update is free to Stupendous Software’s existing customers. Stupendous Software provides 10 plug-in packs for iMovie, featuring a total of 258 effects. Each plugin pack’s demo download contains a number of free fully functional effects. All of Stupendous Software’s iMovie plugins work under Mac OS9 with iMovie 2.1.1, as well as Mac OSX with iMovie 2.1.2 or iMovie 3.0. The plug-in packs can be purchased individually for US$25, or as the Stupendous Bundle containing all 10 packs at a 20% discount.

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