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LapWorks announces new laptop accessories

LapWorks, makers of the Laptop Desk for notebook users, today announced two additional accessories for mobile computing — the Nite-Key-Lite and 4 Port USB Hub. The Nite-Key-Lite is a keyboard light with an 18″ serpentine light with “the most rigid cable on the market. Unlike other keyboard lights, it stays put once positioned. Its connector is designed to fit tightly into any USB port, further eliminating ‘wiggle.’ The Night-Key-Lite illuminates the keyboard with two soft white LED bulbless lights which last up to 8,000 hours, and draws no more power from a notebook battery than 90 seconds per hour of laptop life.” LapWorks’ 4 Port USB Hub enables one USB port to connect up to four devices with no power adapter. The 2.5 oz. 4 Port USB Hub supports low speed (1.5 Mbps) and high speed (12 Mbps) devices, and features built-in over-current protection. The products are US$19.95 purchased separately, or $10 each if you purchase either one with a Laptop Desk.

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