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SimpleText Filter for EIMS version 1.4

November 4, 2002 – MCF Software today announced the release of the
SimpleText Filter for EIMS version 1.4.

SimpleText Filter for Eudora Internet Mail Server version 1.4 changes:

* Added a new virus whitelist type ‘z’. If you have a z entry in the
whitelist file, then the sender that matches that rule will not be checked
against any rules, including virus rules. This works similar to the v entry
for recipients.

* Added a ‘w’ modifier for headers. When used it will make the rule a
whitelist rule. This allows you to create rules to whitelist messages.

* Added a ‘h’ modifier. When used, it will cause STF to ignore anything
between () in a message, including the ().

* Fixed a bug that could prevent the filter from yielding time to other
threads when doing a large number of body rules.

* Changed the require header modifier from ! to r to avoid confusion with
the ! for debug mode. ! will be support for some time, but a warning will
be placed in the log file about the usage of the obsolete modifier.

* Fixed the require header modifier so that it will reject messages if the
rule is not in debug mode. Up to now, any rule using the require header
modifier would always be in debug mode.

* Added some checks to ensure that modifiers that apply only to headers are
used only in header rules. In particular the require header and the =
modifiers can only be applied to header rules.

* Added a new pref, NoStartupDetails, which will supress the logging of
whitelist and DNS Exclusion details.

* Increased the number of MIME levels from 10 to 15.

* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when adding new header rules.

The SimpleText Filter for Eudora Internet Mail Server is a simple, yet
flexible, content search filter. It allows you to specify different types
of rules, allowing for stopping of spam and objectionable content at the
server instead of at the email client.

SimpleText Filter is available from the MCF Software web site
( and is priced at $75.

MCF Software…simply dependably engineered
Developers of ListSTAR (, MacRADIUS
(, Address List Sorter
( and the SimpleText Filter for EIMS

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