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SimpleText Filter 1.2 for EIMS Released


Farokh Irani
MCF Software, LLC

SimpleText Filter 1.2 for EIMS Released

BARDONIA, NY – Feb. 13, 2002 — MCF Software, LLC has released version 1.2
of its SimpleText Filter software for EIMS (Eudora Internet Mail Server).
The SimpleText Filter allows you to specify simple rules to detect content
within email messages and to reject messages that contain that content.

Using the SimpleText Filter, is it possible to significantly reduce the
amount of incoming spam. The filter is also flexible in allowing a number
of criteria for allowing messages to pass through without being checked.

The filter allows the user to specify rules that include the ability to
strip out spaces, dashes, underscores, or any non alpha-numeric characters
when testing. You can also check for invalid values in certain headers. A
very useful feature of the filter is that you can set a rule in debug mode
where a log entry is created for a message that would have been rejected
without actually rejecting the message. This allows testing of a rule
without risking the rejection of desirable email messages.

A trial version can be downloaded from the MCF Software web site at The trial version will filter
messages for 12 hours each time EIMS is launched. Once it is registered,
the same version will become fully functional.

“True spam — you know the kind of message where you’ve never worked with
someone, have no interest in what they do, and they send out in bulk — has
obviously become an incredible problem. Until a better solution comes
about, the only thing you can do is use filters … and for EIMS, STF is a
great solution.” said Neil Ticktin, publisher of MacTech Magazine. “We’ve
done some testing here with STF and Tom Shaw’s filter definitions, and it’s
had a tremendous impact on reducing spam … over 70% of the spam we
received was caught. Install and watch with caution — as it’s a powerful
tool — but a must have if you use EIMS and want to reduce spam.”

MCF Software, LLC is located in Bardonia, NY, and develops ListSTAR,
MacRADIUS, Address List Sorter, as well as the SimpleText Filter. For
additional information on MCF Software or its products, please visit or call 845-735-0210.

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