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IDG hints that it will ban Apple from attending Macworld San Francisco

IDG World Expo CEO Charlie Greco recently told the Boston Globe that he isn’t pleased with Apple’s statement on Thursday that it won’t participate in Macworld Expo Boston in 2004, and that he could still change Apple’s mind, even if it means “a little arm-twisting.” Greco hinted that if Apple doesn’t participate in the Boston Expo, then he won’t let the company attend Macworld San Francisco either. “You know how badly they want to do San Francisco. We don’t have to let them. We might not let you cherry-pick which Macworld events you do.” Greco said that Apple may be using the move as an excuse to stop doing two major U.S. trade shows a year. He met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs three months ago, and said that Jobs was “very concerned” about Apple’s Macworld Expo future. “He put both his hands to his head, and he said, ‘I really don’t know if we can handle two shows anymore in the U.S.'”

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