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FileMaker Mobile 2.1 Companion for Palm OS and Pocket PC

FileMaker Mobile 2.1 Companion for Palm OS and Pocket PC Now Available

Now supports Pocket PC 2002, bar code scanning and gains praise from users

SANTA CLARA, CA — September 30, 2002 — FileMaker, Inc. today announced
the immediate availability of FileMaker Mobile 2.1, new mobile companion
database software for FileMaker Pro 5.5 v2 and the recently released
FileMaker Pro 6, at
( and resellers
worldwide. FileMaker Mobile 2.1 allows users to transfer and synchronize
data between FileMaker Pro databases, which now support XML importing and
exporting, on desktop computers and handheld Palm OS or Pocket PC 2002

FileMaker Mobile 2.1 also gives users of the Symbol iPaq sleeve SPS3000,
Rugged Pocket PC PPT2800 or CSM 150 Springboard, the ability to scan bar
code labels directly into FileMaker Mobile databases for fast, streamlined
data entry.

Priced at $49 (suggested list price, U.S.) FileMaker Mobile 2.1 delivers a
simple and elegant “load-and-go” approach to mobile information. Users
quickly and easily select and load the FileMaker data they require, from
their desktop computer to the Pocket PC or Palm OS handheld. Later, the
data on the handheld may be synchronized with the desktop database via
Pocket PC’s ActiveSync or Palm HotSync technologies.

Beta Users Impressed with FileMaker Mobile 2.1 on Pocket PC 2002 Kast-A-Way
Swimwear, one of the country’s largest retail distributors of competitive
swimwear, accessories and training equipment, uses FileMaker Pro in its
business operations, and Manager Chip Allen is particularly impressed with
the new bar code scanning capability in FileMaker Mobile 2.1. “It gives us
the additional capabilities of checking product SKUs and barcodes in our
warehouses. Plus, the ability to run on PocketPC is a huge advantage as it
affords us more flexibility, ” said Allan.

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Center for Craniofacial Disorders
evaluates and treats the full range of craniofacial conditions for children
from birth to age 21. The Center uses FileMaker Pro database software to
track and manage information including demographic data, correspondence,
clinical reports and clinical purchases. With FileMaker Mobile 2.1, patient
reporting is a more efficient process.

“FileMaker Mobile 2.1 enables us to reduce dependency on pen and paper
during patient rounds,” said the Center’s Director John Riski. ” We can
take patient records loaded on handheld devices directly into the clinical
room, capture relevant data in FileMaker Mobile 2.1 and later sync the
reports to the Center’s FileMaker Pro database.”

Riski is also impressed with how FileMaker Mobile 2.1 makes it easier to
view and navigate patient data through easier columnar list viewing. “I can
move from a column report to a single patient report with just the touch of
an icon.”

FileMaker Pro also plays an important role at the Bloomington Public School
District in Bloomington, MN, which uses the software to manage and track
grades, report cards, lunch counts, and more. With FileMaker Mobile 2.1,
the district is reducing redundant work.

Jason Fouks, technician with the school district, manages computer repair
work orders in FileMaker Pro. “Now, I load my work orders into FileMaker
Mobile 2.1 and while on-site at a school, both solve the problem and close
out the work order eliminating the need to manually update the work order
database upon return to the office – a real time saver,” said Fouks. Speed
and accuracy are hallmarks of FileMaker Mobile 2.1 and Fouks appreciates
how “the pull down menus, check boxes, and fill boxes make entering
detailed information a snap.”

System Requirements
FileMaker Mobile 2.1, compatible with FileMaker Pro 6 and 5.5 v2, runs on
handhelds with Pocket PC 2002, Palm OS 3.1 or greater and desktop computers
with Windows 2000, 98, Me, NT 4.0, XP, Mac OS X v10.1, or Mac OS 8.1 – 9.2.
Mac OS X use requires Palm HotSync Manager 3.0 or Pocket PC 2002 ActiveSync
3.5. See
for additional system requirements details.

Today, FileMaker Mobile is used by over 100,000 FileMaker Pro customers in
such diverse industries as education, health, retail, agriculture, law
enforcement/judiciary among others.

FileMaker is a leader in workgroup databases and workgroup information
solutions. Unlike complex database software, the FileMaker intuitive
interface empowers knowledge workers to create and share rich solutions.
The award-winning FileMaker line of database software provides relational
power, instant and custom Web publishing and legendary ease-of-use.
FileMaker, Inc. is the database software subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc.

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