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HighWater announce Mac OS X PCI SDK

HighWater announce MAC OS X developer kit

HighWater, the leading UK software integrator for pre-press interfaces,
have now announced the release of their popular PCI SDK (Software Developer
Kit) for the Mac OS X platform. This release adds to the extensive platform
support for the PCI SDK, which is already in use by many major OEMs
including Agfa and Krause.

The SDK package comprises a PCI interface card and cable, sample
application source code, personality libraries for each HighWater PCI
interface card and generic low-level device drivers.

David Griffin, Technical Manager at HighWater says: =93We constantly review
the platform support provided by our products and there has been
significant interest in the Mac OS X platform. We are pleased to be able to
offer support for this increasingly popular platform in our PCI SDK. OEMs
will now be able to look seriously at moving their pre-press output
software to the Mac OS X platform and satisfy the demand of their own
customer base.=94

The PCI SDK provides a platform independent generic API (Application
Programming Interface) enabling relatively simple integration of output to
a wide range of imagesetters into OEMs=92 software products. The PCI SDK is
also available on Mac OS Classic (OS 8 and OS 9), Solaris (SPARC), Windows
95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.

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