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Thursby Software Systems offers public beta of DAVE 4.0

For Immediate Release: August 28, 2002, Arlington, Texas

Thursby Software Systems offers public beta of DAVE 4.0

Thursby Software Systems announces DAVE 4.0, their latest and most advanced
offering for cross-platform file and print sharing. Thursby’s award-winning
software not only supports Macintosh computers still running Mac OS 9, it
also enhances Jaguar’s SMB capabilities for the advanced and professional
user. Enhancements include: the storage of files in industry standard
formats for compatibility, fully integrated and efficient browsing
capabilities, and increased security.

Features include:

* Provides NT Domain Login
* Shares files and printers between Macs and PCs
* Supports Microsoft standard browsing (including WINS)
* Provides three options for Security
* Supports Microsoft standard NTFS file format
* Shares CDs, printers, hard drives, folders, etc.
* Supports Windows shortcuts .LNK files
* Supports Distributed File Systems
* Allows “one click” mounting of multiple shares
* Includes fully integrated help
* Provides setup assistant for both Mac and PC
* Features automatic workgroup detection
* Completely supports AppleShare files stored on your PC
* Supports Services for Macintosh
* Allows for Windows network password changes
* Supports Jaguar’s Classic environment

DAVE 4.0 is scheduled for release in September. For pricing and details
refer to the web site:

Customers who would like to test the public beta version of DAVE 4.0 may
register at:

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of file share and print share software solutions since 1986.
In addition to DAVE, Thursby products include MacSOHO, TSStalk and MacNFS.
For additional information, see the web site,

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