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AquaAboutBox 1.0 for REALbasic

AquaAboutBox 1.0

AquaAboutBox is a set of REALbasic window templates that follow Apple’s
Aqua Human Interface Guidelines for an about box. The Aqua HI Guidelines
are very specific about the layout and content of Mac OS X about boxes,
with exact rules for icon placement, font sizes, distance between elements
and other requirements.

These templates will save you the tedious effort of designing your about
box to Apple’s exact specs — just download AquaAboutBox, choose the
template that best suits your application, fill in the blanks, and be done
in five minutes. AquaAboutBox also includes the StaticURL class, a
StaticText subclass that behaves like a web link.

AquaAboutBox is public domain software, and you can download the source
code from ( Thanks to Amar
Sagoo at The Interface Mafia (( for
inspiring this project.

— Scott Forbes

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