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REALbasic 3.0a10

October 16, 2000

We are proud to announce the availability of REALbasic 3.0a10. Using this
alpha release gives you the chance to learn about new features in REALbasic
early, work with Carbon, and participate in setting the direction for the
next release. It runs on and compiles for both Classic (7.6.1 to Mac OS 9)
and Mac OS X DP 4. It uses Carbon and the Aqua User Interface for both the
IDE and the compiled applications when running in Mac OS X, and Platinum in

This release marks the appearance of the new file format. You will have the
option of using it or the old one, but if you use the new format for an
existing project MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL PROJECT. More file format
fun in the form of stationery (templates). Plus changes to the Project
window, including editing Project items in their native applications,
contextual menus, drag and drop folders and more. Tons of bug fixes,
especially on the Windows side!


Lorin Rivers 512.263.1233 x712 v
Product Manager 512.263.1441 f
REAL Software, Inc.
PMB 220
3300 Bee Caves Road, Suite 650
Austin, Texas 78746

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