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Kensington launches line of flat panel monitor accessories

Kensington today introduced seven new products to improve style, comfort and productivity when using flat panel monitors. The Flat Panel Monitor Stand (US$59.95) positions the monitor up off the desktop, which allows users to gain workspace and keyboard storage. The Flat Panel Desk Mount Arm ($179.95) allows monitors to “float” and rotate in virtually any location and position above the desktop. The Flat Panel Cubicle Hanger ($119.95) is an accessory that takes the monitor completely off the desktop, saving a significant amount of workspace in cramped cubicle areas. Kensington Flat Panel Glare Filters ($139.95) protect the sensitive LCD screens of flat panel displays, while significantly reducing eyestrain by improving contrast and color definition. The Flat Panel Privacy Filters ($329.95) provide a safeguard for users working on private or confidential information. A special film blurs the monitor’s display when viewed from either side at more than 25 degrees from center. Both sets of filters come in 15 and 17-inch sizes. All products are available now.

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