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Handspring announces new color handhelds

Handspring today introduced the Treo 90 and Treo 270, its latest handhelds that feature color screens and built-in keyboards. Like the monochrome Treo 180, the Treo 270 features phone, email, and Web capabilities, as well as the usual suite of Palm OS-based features, while the Treo 90 functions exclusively as an organizer. Both products feature 16MB of memory and rechargeable batteries. Additionally, the Treo 90 features Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard expansion capabilities. The Treo 270 is available for US$499 with service activation or $699 without, while the Treo 90 sells for $299. A new promotion offers owners of Handspring’s VisorPhone expansion module a $200 discount off the Treo 270.

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