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Press 3 offers Third Party Mac Certifications

Press 3=81 offers Third Party Mac Certifications

Overland Park, KS – Press 3=81 – for tech support, has announced a
certification program targeted toward experienced Mac technical
individuals. The certifications are designed to meet a lack of available
third party certification programs for Mac techs.

The site’s founder, Scott William, states “Press 3 Certifications have been
a success during the program’s examination period over the last 6 months
when it was introduced. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; we
look forward to expanding our offerings for the Mac technical community.”
William has a long history in the Mac community and in addition to Press 3,

Press 3 Certifications are marketed as a alternative to Apple
Certifications and do not directly compete with anything Apple provides. By
remaining independent, Press 3 is allowed to set their own certification

Press 3 offers three certifications with a possibility of earning a fourth.
This includes the primary areas of the Mac including Mac OS X, Mac Classic,
and Mac Hardware. Each examination is 60 questions in length and presented
rapidly online with only a 45 second window per question. Passing all three
certifications gives individuals a MacCSE or Mac Certified Systems Engineer

“We wanted our program to be reputable, respected, affordable, obtainable
without additional travel costs, and give individuals the ability to pass
based upon previous hands-on experience and not book learned material”,
commented William.

To celebrate the public announcement, Press 3 has extended it’s examination
period discount through Saturday, April 27th, 2002.

For more information on Press 3’s Certification offerings visit

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