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Berkeley Releases 802.11b WLAN Security Monitoring Device


Berkeley Releases 802.11b WLAN Security Monitoring Device

METUCHEN, New Jersey. — March 27, 2002 — BVS introduces another WLAN tool
for 802.11b and it’s Hornet=81, a new IEEE WLAN Monitoring/Security device!

Hornet=81 is a low-cost wireless receiver designed specifically for
monitoring traffic over any 802.11b DSSS Wireless Local Area Network such
as Nokia, Symbol, Cisco and Apple. Hornet=81 acts as a security guard
detecting unauthorized access attempts and warning the network
administrator. By continually running through a checklist of valid MAC
addresses, Hornet=81 is able to instantly identify unauthorized “hackers”,
distinguish them from valid STA & AP traffic on the network and time-stamp
all activity to form a detailed WLAN report. This wireless “guard dog”
also contains a RS-232 serial port for wired, unattended monitoring/logging
as well as an AC connection and internal real-time clock for secure,
controlled monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ask your BVS sales rep for quantity discount pricing of 5 piece order or mo=

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