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Berkeley Updates WLAN Receiver For 802.11b Networks

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Berkeley Updates WLAN Receiver For 802.11b Networks

METUCHEN, New Jersey. — November 27, 2001 — BVS adds NEW features
and Direction Finding Kit to the popular Grasshopper=81 2.4 GHz WLAN
receiver! Use Grasshopper with Direction Finding Antenna to:

* Track down unauthorized WLAN users in your area
* Pinpoint sources of interference

Grasshopper=81 is a handheld, wireless receiver that sweeps and
optimizes all DSSS IEEE 802.11b WLANs (including Apple’s Airport
Basestation) by scanning all 14 channels and detecting narrow-band
multipath interferences such as microwave ovens and frequency hopping
systems. New features include PEAK for antenna alignment, SSID network
identification, WEP Privacy Encryption detection and PER (Packet Error
Rate) for details on rates of 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbits/sec.

(tt)Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.
Liberty Corporate Park
255 Liberty Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
(732) 548-3737 Voice(/tt)
(tt)(732) 548-3404 Fax(/tt)

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