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Macworld Expo Tokyo keynote coverage

Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo Tokyo keynote kicked off about 30 minutes ago with Jobs offering an overview of what will be covered during his keynote: Mac OS X, digital hub, iMac, Bluetooth, Cinema Display, and iPod. Software presentations from Adobe, Ergosoft, and FileMaker have taken center stage thus far.
20:25 ET   Demonstrations of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Maya, iTunes, iDVD, and iPhoto have taken place.
20:40 ET   Jobs is demonstrating the new iMac.
20:55 ET   Since Apple announced the new iMac, it has sold 125,000 (it’s unclear whether this means shipped, as well), however, since they debuted the system LCD and RAM prices have both gone up significantly — as such, Apple is raising the price of the new iMacs by 20,000 yen in Japan and US$100 in the U.S. Jobs has demonstrated Bluetooth on the Mac and announced a wireless USB adapter will be coming soon. The expected 23-inch Cinema Display has been unveiled, featuring a 1920×1200 resolution.
21:05 ET   The 10GB iPod has been introduced, which will sell for US$499. Custom laser engraving on the back will be available for $49 more (or 6,000 yen). Contacts have been added to the bottom of the iPod based on the Vcard standard.
21:10 ET   Keynote has ended.

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